Workshop on Harmonisation on the Registration / Accreditation of ISPM15 Service Providers

Host Country


Implementing Agency

Plant Biosecurity Division Department of Agriculture Malaysia


Sep, 2018 (Completed)


USD 73,484.33


ASEAN Member States, China.

Brief History of Project

  • To enhance the effectiveness of ISPM 15 among ASEAN Member States (AMS) and China
  • To reduce the non-compliance and notifications of ISPM 15 due to the lack of effective implementation of ISPM 15.
  • Gain information between participating countries in the best aspect of implementation of ISPM 15.
  • Improve understanding among AMS and China regarding the implementation of ISPM 15 in their respective countries.
  • Draft Harmonisation On Accreditation of ISPM 15 Treatment Service Providers For ASEAN

Project's Achievements / Outcomes

This project is in line with the objectives of ASEAN Economic Blueprint 2025, under C5 – Food, Agriculture and Forestry where the harmonization of ISPM15 among the AMS could be enhanced through trade facilitation and economic integration, as well as, strengthening cooperation and capacity for sustainable production.
By ensuring that WPM used in various exportation of foodstuffs and non-foodstuffs comply with the importing countries‘ requirement, trade facilitation could be enhanced:
i. Pests are eliminated through the pathways – possibility of establishment of exotic pests/invasive species that could damage a country’s agriculture industry is reduced.
ii. To reduce destruction of WPM in importing countries which are contaminated by pests due to unregulated accreditation of treatment service providers and their incompetencies.