ASEAN-China Cooperation Fund (ACCF) Workshop 3-5 July 2023, Bali, Indonesia

The Permanent Mission of Indonesia for ASEAN as a host country, with the support of the ACCF. AMT in collaboration with ASEAN Secretariat: Programme Cooperation and Project Management Division (PCPMD), and Finance and Budget Division (FBD) organised the two-and-half-day Workshop of the “ASEAN-China Cooperation Fund (ACCF) Workshop” on 3-5 July 2023, Bali, Indonesia.

The Workshop was implemented based on the AMT’s phase 2 approved proposal: “Outputs and Main activities” to conduct the ACCF Workshop promotion in AMS countries, and in China. And AMT had an update reported to the ASEAN-China Joint Cooperation Committee Working Group (ACJCC-WG) at the 23rd meeting of the ASEAN-China Joint Cooperation Committee Working Group (ACJCC-WG) on 28th March 2022.


The ACCF Workshop aims to promote the ACCF, to develop and enhance the understanding of the ACCF as well as to strengthen the capacities of future proponents of ACCF in Indonesia to develop regional project proposals which are result based oriented. The ultimate goal of the workshop is the increased submission of project proposals initiated by the ASEAN Member States for ACCF funding consideration.

The key achievement of the Workshops are:

  • Towards enhanced capacities on project development among participants: 44 Government Officials from Indonesian Ministries (from the 13 Ministries, 3 Agencies of the Indonesian government), and the 5 Foreign Affairs Ministries from AMS. (6 Government Officials from the Committee of Permanent Representatives to ASEAN (CPR-WG) from MFAIC Cambodia, MOFA Lao PDR, MOFA Myanmar, MOFA of the Philippines, and MOFA Indonesia)
  • Trained 44 government officials, of these, 66 percent of the participants (29) represented the ASEAN Economic Community Pillars, 20 percent (9) from the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community Pillars, and 14 percent (6) from the ASEAN-Political Security Community Pillars.