Workshop on ASEAN-China Air Quality Management Technology

Project Title:
Workshop on ASEAN-China Air Quality Management Technology
Host Country:
P.R. China
April, 2019 (Completed)
Implementing Agency:
China-ASEAN Environmental Cooperation Centre (CAEC)
ASEAN Member States, China, and ASEAN Secretariat
Budget: USD 73,000.00
Brief History of the Project:
In recent years, air pollution has been becoming more and more serious with the economic development. While enjoying the rapid development of industrialization and urbanization, AMS are facing the challenge of deteriorating air quality. In the “CHINAASEAN STRATEGY ON ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION COOPERATION (2009-2015)”, the EST (Environmentally Sound Technology) cooperation is very important content.
The workshop has provided a platform to communicate and share the experience about the legal system, policy, technology on air quality management between China and AMS’s officials and experts. Also, the workshop invited the participants to visit the air quality monitoring station in Suzhou, relevant environmental protection enterprises, and air quality management field (coal-fired power plant’s desulfurization equipment, dust removal equipment, and denitrification equipment, and so on). The workshop enabled a better understanding of the current situation of air quality management both in China and AMS, supported capacity building for AMS, and promoted technology transfer on air quality management.
The workshop has also recommended possible future cooperation between China and AMS on improving regional air quality.
Project’s achievements / Outcomes:
• Gained knowledge regarding the policies and technologies on air monitoring system in AMS and China.
• Recommendations on promoting ASEAN-China cooperation on air quality management, including the possible establishment of an ASEAN-China air quality management network.