ASEAN-China STEM Camp for Youth Programme

Project Title:
ASEAN-China STEM Camp for Youth Programme

Host Country:

April, 2019 (Completed)
Implementing Agency:
NIE International Pte Ltd
A total of 22 students (1 female and 1 male student per ASEAN Member State and China) and 10 accompanying teachers attended the programme.
Budget: USD 85,796.33 
Brief History of the Project:
• This programme is an exploratory project to provide opportunity for ASEAN-China students to interact culturally, to share their perspectives on STEM and to think, create and innovate as they work in teams to produce objects and structures using ordinary materials, based on their theoretical understanding of scientific principles and creative ideas.
• Learn new ideas and ways of thinking about science and technology, and be able to link knowledge with applications to real world context.
• Provide an opportunity for ASEAN and China students to interact and learn together (cultural and academic exchange). 
• Provide capacity building for teachers in STEM education and its related activities.
• Provide students the environment to learn and exercise 21st century skills of creative thinking, application and transfer of knowledge, teamwork, leadership, communication skills, time management, etc.
Project’s achievements / Outcomes:
• The overall experience for the students and teachers on the programme has been an excellent and enjoyable one with a majority of the students (66.67%) rating the overall programme experience as “Excellent”. Students commented that the programme broadened their perspectives, outside the perimeters of their home country. The programme also encourages students to be active in STEM by exposing them to different aspects of it and teaching them how to implement STEM into daily lives and problems. The students also enjoyed and appreciate the interactions with each other and with teachers from different countries. They also learn about each other cultures.
• For many of the students (and teachers), participation in the programme was a rare opportunity for them to make friends and network with peers from the various ASEAN countries and China.
• The teachers found the presentation of contents and demonstration of skills enjoyable and were able to learn a lot of new ideas/techniques (of how NIE trains Singapore’s science and mathematics teachers) to take back for their own practice.
• The students enjoyed using critical thinking and creative learning skills to problem solve and working on the hands-on activities as individuals and in groups. When working in groups, students can be seen discussing with their team members on the task and trying different ways to come up with the solutions. The students displayed teamwork and manages their time for each activity. In areas where students have a better understanding of the subject knowledge, they share proactively in their contributions in working with their teams in coming up with the solutions to complete the activities.