A Study on the Key Priorities for Narrowing the Development Gap in the Context of Rural Development and Poverty Reduction in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar And Vietnam

Project Title:
Study on Key Priorities for Narrowing of the Development Gap in Rural Development and Poverty Eradication in CLMV
Host Country:
• SOMRDPE, Cambodia

2019 (Completed)
Implementing Agency:
Senior Officials Meeting on Rural Development and Poverty Eradication. (SOMRDPE, Cambodia)
ASEAN Member States, AMS local government officers, private sector, communities, and international organisations, among others.
Budget: USD 436,436.00

Brief History of the Project:

  • This Project used the Case Study approach and mixed research design in trying to learn systematically about how to reduce poverty.
  • Face to face interviews will be conducted in the various villages in discovering a great deal from people who have actually moved out of poverty and stayed out of poverty.
  • The purpose of this study is to produce a concise, evidence-based analysis that:
    - Diagnose the underlying structure of the rural economy and its evolving links to urban and peri-urban centers in selected provinces.
    - Identify the binding structural and institutional constraints to faster rural development and reductions in poverty and income inequality; and
    - Propose some remedial policy priorities.
Project’s achievements / Outcomes: