2019 YSS-ASEAN Cooperation Project

Project Title: 
YSS-ASEAN Cooperation Project 2019

Host Country: 
2019 (Completed)
Implementing Agency:
YaYasan Sukarelawan Siswa (YSS) / Student Volunteers Foundation, Ministry of Education, Malaysia.
Budget: USD341,960.02
- All selected 110 ASEAN + China Student Volunteers from various higher learning institutions,
- 6170 total villagers from all 10 locations in 2 divisions (Miri Division and Mukah Division),
- 1449 total school students, 214 total teachers, and staff from all 10 schools receiving the benefits.
Brief History of Project:
The YSS-ASEAN Cooperation Project 2019 aims to strengthen the ability of ASEAN and China students/youths to continue to be innovative and be a proactive member of the global community. It also targets to provide an enabling environment with policies and institutions that induce people and firms to be more open and adaptive, creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial.
Project's achievements / Outcomes:
All ASEAN plus China Student Volunteers with different backgrounds complemented each other during the mission. This enhanced people-to-people interaction, knowledge transfer, and the bond created encourage mobility of these Student Volunteers within and outside ASEAN.